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Types of Trailers


Types of Trailers

A trailer is simply an unpowered vehicle towed behind a powered vehicle. It is most commonly used for the transportation of materials and goods. As an added bonus, trailer can also be used for recreational purposes, such as on vacations.

To tow a trailer, you need to have a truck with enough pulling power to tow the trailer securely. Most tow trucks are powered by the same engine that powers your car. There are many different types of trailers, which can include mini trailers, equestrian trailers, travel trailers and motorcycle trailers. Regardless of the type of trailer you choose for your truck, it should have an automatic transfer brake to assist in stopping the trailer at the end of the haul. Safety features on a trailer include sturdy straps on the frame to prevent the trailer from getting stuck on the ground. Lights and signals should be included as well to help drivers see the trailer.

One type of trailer that people tend to use is a bicycle trailer. These can be great to tow bicycles, most often bikes with their protective covers. These trailers are commonly referred to as a utility trailer, as they are often used to haul other smaller items, such as toys, lawn equipment or groceries. A popular style of bicycle trailer is the side-by-side utility trailer. This type of trailer allows for a towing convenience, saving the towing time of a single vehicle.

Other common trailers to use are the full-sized utility trailers, also known as semi-trailer or full-trailer. In order to qualify as a semi-trailer, the semi-trailer must be able to carry more than ten thousand pounds of material in a straight line. Some trailers, such as the flatbed variety, can carry up to twenty-two thousand pounds. Flatbed trailers are usually used when transporting manufactured homes, furniture or manufactured residential parts. Another trailer type that can haul a vehicle is the gooseneck trailer, which can be tied up at the base of a semi-trailer and is capable of lifting the weight of an SUV or truck.

The third type of trailer is the gooseneck cable trailer, which is frequently used for hauling utility trailers. The cable trailer is often attached to the rear of a utility trailer to allow for greater control. These types of trailers are made out of metal tubing to prevent the cable from being cut or damaged. They are commonly used on farm operations, with the ability to safely transport horses, cattle and other livestock. When transporting a vehicle, they are commonly used to pull tandem trailers.

Horse trailers are another way to transport a horse, which is most commonly done for competition. Most often, the horse trailer is secured at the back of a pickup truck, with a hitch on the side to hook the trailer to the back of the truck. Hooked trailers are commonly used in Western countries to haul cattle, while flatbed trailers are used in the United States to haul farm equipment. A variety of different kinds of trailers can be purchased to transport a variety of items. With the invention of new technology, new types of trailers are continually being developed to accommodate the needs of every consumer.