A Brief Introduction to Pelayo and Eskieng

To Gel Hong Kong is actually a popular choice of interior design for Hong Kong’s Chinese dominated society. Conventional to modern Chinese traditional, the design has its origins in the “Shanzai” school of painting that grew out of the Revolution. In current times, this art form has been revived with the new mantra of “Shanzai chic”, a subtle reference to the original influences of Feng Shui. The most commonly used materials in this type of painting are:

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Togel hongkong: this is a commonly used material to decorate busy areas such as entrances and exits of buildings, especially those which are open-air. Commonly used in place of gold, silver, or bronze, Togel hongkong can be made from a range of materials including terracotta clay, wood, metal, or stones like jade and coral sand. Often, these types of teng sau play the role of water fountains, flowing gently over the surface.

Manukau: This type of material is mostly used to embellish everyday living spaces. A lot of space is often allocated to outdoor plazas and balconies, where an artist can showcase his painting skills using a wide variety of natural materials like terracotta, wood, metal, and stone. Commonly found in Chinese gardens and public areas, the manual is also commonly applied to street signs. As an art form, manual usually takes the form of figures, stylized landscapes, or abstract images. Some common manual mediums include: karastan, gourd, bamboo, paper, silk, and clay.

Juga Memberikan: Known as the ‘mountain plant’, juga memberikan has been utilized by many artists over the years. Its soft, moss-like texture makes it ideal for creating small-scale paintings that could easily be kept as specimens. Typically, juga memberikan is painted with a warm hue using colours like yellow, brown, and orange. However, some artists like to use brighter colours like magenta and red for dramatic effects. In addition to being commonly painted with earth tones, juga memberikan is also sometimes painted with blues, greens, and oranges to create striking abstract designs. A popular technique to decorate the vines of juga memberikan is to decorate them with small rocks called samplings.

Pelayo: Known as the ‘stone mother’, relay is primarily used for interior wall decoration in Asian households. The dark grey stone imparts an imposing aura to any place where it is put up. Traditionally, pelayo has been put up in front of the entrance to a temple where it can be seen and admired by visitors. Today, the most preferred colour for pelayo is brown since it can match any theme. There are also varieties of pelayo that have become very rare such as the ones found in the Seleucid Malaysia and the Andaman archipelago.

Eskieng: Also known as the ‘green stone staircase’, eskieng is a type of semi-precious stone used for ornamental purposes. This stone is produced by a process called metamorphosis. Under the influence of heat and water, the rock transforms into different alphabets of which we know today as berber, Celtic, or simply, sienna. Today, skiing is commonly used to decorate entrance gates, stairways, and porches of both residential and commercial establishments in Singapore. Eskieng is also commonly used in various industries for flooring, roofing, doors, and facades because of its durability, aesthetic appeal, and non-slip qualities.