A Look at Environmental Aspects That May Impact Health

Health is a condition of emotional, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. The definition has been around since the first recorded observations. Health is an ongoing state rather than a state of being. A person becomes healthy when they are mentally healthy and physically healthy.

Health is considered to be a basic human right. It encompasses physical well-being, mental well-being and emotional well-being. The three aspects are interrelated, as they are influenced by other factors such as the environment, food, and behaviors as well as genetics and current health conditions. There are four aspects that are usually studied when studying the causes and treatments of good health: psychological, environmental, genetic and current medical conditions.

Psychological well-being is influenced by both internal and external factors. They can include your genetic make-up and your personality. Environmental factors refer to the outside elements that can affect you including the quality of your relationships, the social activities you engage in, your place of residence, your hobbies, your beliefs and the way you cope with stress. Your physical and mental condition can also be influenced by the quality of your diet, your exercise routine, your sleep habits and your lifestyle.

Genetic factors are passed down from generation to generation within a family. These factors can affect both you and your children. They can include your physical appearance, your mental health and your mental well being. Your lifestyle can also be affected by your genes. This includes your diet, your level of activity, your habits, your physical activity, your smoking and your drug use.

These are just some of the environmental factors that can impact health. Although most people focus on the environment when it comes to illness, there are certain aspects of the environment that can affect your health. In addition to the above factors, smoking and drug use are also considered to be environmental factors. However, these two mentioned factors may also lead to illness and disease in some people.

Poor lifestyle as well as poor diet can lead to poor physical health as well as to mental illness and disease. These factors may also lead to poor psychological health and to some degree to disability. As you can see, all these different aspects of life need to be taken into account for a complete well-being. Good health and well-being are something that everyone deserves, regardless of age or gender.