A Study of Pengeluaran To Gelhong – An Ancient Martial Art

To Gel Horseshoe (The Red Star Buddha) is a spiritual text written by an American scholar, Dr. Morris L. convincingly entitled, The Fundamental Principles of Zen Teaching. In this work, he expounded nine interrelated concepts of Zen Buddhism: Shakyamuni Buddha, dharani, media, cittalia, sky, kama, kahuna and bodhicitta. Literally translated, Shakyamuni means “the enlightened one” and dharani means “the enlightened path.” Conclusively, the author presents to the reader, an “interpreting” of the teachings of the Buddha.

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The book begins with a simple account of a young girl’s encounter with a Bodhisattva (teacher). The Bodhisattva warned the girl not to eat meat because it was harmful to her health, like an arrow in her flesh. Incidentally, to gel hongkong means “arrow in the flesh,” i.e., “venerated meat.” This shows that the author prioritizes the “venerated meat” concept above all others.

Returning to our main theme, we find that to gel hongkong means “that which is benefited” or “those who benefit.” The term data is used in Thai and means “inquiry.” Dapat, in Sanskrit, is the word for inquiry. Saut, a Buddhist question, appears to be part of the Sautras, a set of scriptures composed by Chanakyo.

Another important concept introduced is that of tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is the “eight wise men” that sit at the eight corners of the room (togtuk). These assistants are appointed to protect the Master from all evil. According to legend, the first teacher to introduce the concepts of tongkat Ali to the monks was the now-deceased senior sander Buddhist priest, Tae Kung, in his book, Kayun Nork Sanichin.

The final portion of this short treatise is concerned with the use of pengeluaran togel hongkong in traditional Thai and other casino games. Most gamblers are familiar with the red and black coins that are used in such games. The author presents some reasons why these coins have been chosen among all other colors. In addition, I find it interesting to note that pengeluaran togel hongkong, which is the name of the coins themselves, is not widely known among gamblers outside Thailand. I find this to be surprising since many casinos in Bangkok use the standard black and red coins.

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