An Introduction to Fashion

Fashion is the most common form of visual art and aesthetic expression and in a certain context, specifically in fashion, jewelry, clothing, footwear, accessory, hair style, and body proportion. Since fashion is an art, every one has the right to be an artistic fashionista. However, there are those who are not willing to go for the traditional or conventional ways of styling and dressing up as they want to make it look more creative and different.


There are many ways of dressing up your personality but you must remember that it depends on how you express yourself and what type of image you want to create for yourself, as well as the person you are going to meet. When you dress up, you can display your style, individuality and your personality in a special way. However, there are many who still believe that dressing up to match the occasion is always better than showing off your individualism in your attire. Fashion trends change frequently so even if you have chosen a timeless style to match an event, you must not follow it strictly.

As a fashionista, you must be aware of the latest trends and styles so that you can easily incorporate your own style and fashion statements. You must also keep a check on the prices of your favorite clothing brands, which are constantly fluctuating according to the latest fashion trends. In addition, a fashionable personality also has to maintain a great sense of balance when dressing up. For example, you should not wear a bright, eye catching necklace, as it will overwhelm the entire look. Instead, choose a subtle yet elegant necklaces.

The dress code in society is that women should always be dressed up according to their age, skin tone, height and dress. As a fashionista, you must understand this and try your best to match the dress code of other people who are of your own age and social status. If you are dressing up for a night out with friends or a party, you must try to stick to traditional looks such as suits, pants, and dresses.

On the other hand, you might prefer to wear a trendy or stylish clothing line or even an entirely new clothing line if you have a few extra bucks. A good way of dressing up is by wearing a simple and comfortable casual apparel that does not show off your personal characteristics, such as jeans, khakis, t-shirts, or casual shoes. If you are in search of an original and stylish clothing line, you can visit local boutiques in your area and ask them what kind of clothing you should wear.

There are also several online stores that sell clothing lines and accessories at reasonable rates. They often have designer pieces that can give you an edge over the competition. Online stores also have clothing lines that are made from fabrics and other materials that are cheaper than you will find in physical retail stores.