An Overview of the Movie Genres

A movie, also known as a movie, short film, movie short or video film, is an artistic work of visual art designed to simulate events that convey stories, ideas, emotions, beauty, or setting. The term “movies” can refer to artistic works ranging from educational to dramatic and comedy movies. Movies are usually shot using film cameras or digital video cameras and shown on a VCR or DVD player. Most movies are produced by Hollywood studios. Some independent movie producers have produced successful movies, but most of the movies released through major film companies are commercial successes.

There are four classic movie genres that have been the source of many movies ever made. These include the fantasy (also known as sci-fi) film genre, the horror film genre, the war/action movie genre and the comedy/horror film genre. These categories have had an influence on the styles of cinematography, story lines and themes adopted in modern cinema.

Early Days The birth of cinema can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when the French brothers Louis and Carl Antonolis created the world’s first silent movie. This was the first motion picture to be shown without any music. It provided a vivid way of telling a story with no words. The two directors believed that a story told with no spoken dialogues was easier to understand and relate to than one that had lengthy dialogue scenes. This concept eventually became the basis for all future movies. Though some of these early movies did not have clear images, they at least offered some sort of a vague and impressionistic picture.

Early Movies The two Japanese directors Kamisuke Konishi (Katsuhiro Satya) and Toho (the company now known as Toho) were also creating motion pictures without speaking audio. Their works from this period are often considered the birth of modern Japan. These movies are notable for their vibrant colors and extravagant settings. Often times, the setting would be in the sea or in an exotic city. The most famous of these movies is Rintaro Hochi’s “Ran”, which was made in 1950.

Modern Movie Evolution Over the course of the twentieth century, movies have changed considerably. Advancements in technology have allowed for more complicated films with more complex characters to be made. Film genres such as reality and science fiction are no longer confined to genres related to living with a father or mother. Many directors of modern movies are now making movies that tell stories about alternate Earths where most of the human population has been wiped out.

Action Movies One of the biggest changes in the history of motion pictures has come about through the development of special effects and camera work. Special effects allow directors to make realistic fantasy and science fiction films that would not have been possible in earlier years. Many action movies are now amongst the highest grossing movies of all time.