Difference Between Cinema and Movie

A movie, also known as a motion picture, digital movie or online video, is an artistic work of visual art using moving pictures to simulate real-life experiences which convey stories, ideas, emotions, sights, beauty, or any other feeling through the use of visible images. The term comes from the French word “mise-en-uevre” which means “through the eyes”. It is the only known surviving form in the world. Movies are usually produced for entertainment purposes, but with the advent of technology has also become an artistic form in and of itself. Some movies express social issues like social evils, political struggles, crimes, tragedies, and others.


Because motion pictures have changed so much over the years it is often classified under both the categories of cinema and popular culture. Cinema is the mainstream version of this art form and usually refers to commercial motion pictures released for public consumption. Popular culture on the other hand is used to refer to artistic or documentary films created for entertainment purposes, often for the public to enjoy.

These two words are used differently when referring to this art form. While “Cinema” always refers to motion pictures that are intended for general audiences, “Pop” is used when referring to artistic works of art. While “Cinema” has historically encompassed all types of motion pictures, the connotation of that word has changed somewhat due to the creation of home entertainment. Home videos are not technically considered part of the canon of “Cinema”, although some have been produced as “Certures” that are available to buy and rent at video stores.

One major difference between Cinema and Movie is the length of time a movie is meant to be enjoyed. A film is generally intended to be long-term while a movie is more of an entertainer. For example, a movie is often meant to last for several weeks while a short film is often meant to be seen quickly and then deleted. This has been attributed as the main difference between Cinema and Movie.

Speaking of similarities and differences between Cinema and Movie, they are often used interchangeably with a term commonly used in the UK called a’Feature Film’. A Feature Film is usually about a specific plot or storyline while a short movie is more of an entertainment medium. Both are similar in that they are intended to entertain. Both use spoken language and visual language, but are meant to be told through the motion picture medium. The difference is that a Feature Film is more often directed by a Hollywood producer and is more likely to reach a wide audience.

Movies and motion pictures are both highly involved with movement. When speaking about both, it is important to note that the term “moving pictures” is often used in association with Cinema while the term “motion picture” is commonly used in association with the term “short motion pictures”. The difference between the two can be clarified by thinking about when a Cinema film is showing. In a Cinema film a sequence of shots is repeated, a character is introduced and then the action occurs. When watching a short motion picture there is only one shot and that shot is the only part of the entire movie that is shown.