Fashion – An Expression of Self

Fashion is an important aesthetic expression in a certain culture and time, particularly in clothing, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and body shapes. Fashion has many faces and not all are the same: some express modernity, some represent tradition, and others combine both. There is a significant difference between what can be classified as “fashionable” and what cannot. A fashion accessory, for instance, may be both fashionable and unisex, but it can never be both: fashions change constantly and this definition would be circular.

“Fashion” as a term is actually a term to describe classifications of clothes and the ways in which they are made, worn, presented, and maintained. The most popular and widely used concept in all of fashion is that of style. The style can be described by a combination of form, function, material, and message. The key element in defining fashion is the identification of styles based on how they make you feel.

Fashion, like any other aesthetic sense, is subject to change over time. Fashion design and the practices associated with it are constantly transforming. What was hip five or ten years ago may seem out of step today. Styles change as society and cultural mores evolve. Style is always in a state of flux.

Fashion, therefore, can be considered an ongoing project, much like fashion itself. Designers create new work of fashion each season and update and expand upon previous seasons’ designs. New trends emerge and old ones evolve. This continual change and evolution provide an environment in which fashion can thrive. It is in such a dynamic environment that one can expect to see a wide range of fashion styles, colors, textures, and materials.

Because fashion is always in flux, it is an ideal way to express yourself. It is not necessary to follow the trends exactly; instead, just try to be the first one to experiment with a new look. Express your unique sense of style through your fashion. It is not necessary to conform to others’ opinions of fashion. If one looks different, then they can feel different.

In essence, fashion is simply an expression of who you are. Who you want to be, and how you want to be known. Fashion is a continual exploration of self and individuality. And it is in this way that one can truly say that fashion is a part of who they are.