Healthy Lifestyle – The definition and importance of It

Health is a condition of being fit, mentally and emotionally well-health where infirmity and disease are absent. The concept of health is very broad and covers a range of factors that affect an individual’s state of health. Some experts consider the condition of health to be subjective, while some others consider it to be objective, grounded in fact. According to the former, health is something you feel in yourself, an inner state that makes you healthy and safe. On the other hand, according to the latter, health is something you become by virtue of external factors like your physical and emotional condition. The objective view of health on the other hand, postulates that health is something you acquire by means of your surroundings, what you consume and how you react to the world around you.

However, both definitions of health have limitations, and when we venture into discussing the first definition, one may question the very idea of healthiness. For instance, just because an individual is healthy does not necessarily mean that he has been immunized against infectious diseases. Moreover, the second definition also has limitations, for it is not possible to measure a person’s state of health objectively. The definition also refers to a particular group or population. For instance, the definition may include only the elderly, those with cancer, or those who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes.

By and large, health is neither subjective nor objective, but it depends on the circumstances of a person and on the type of disease for which he suffers. So, if a person suffers from a serious or progressive disease, then he will be judged to be healthy. On the other hand, a healthy person can be a sufferer of a minor disease, but he may still be considered as having poor health. On the other hand, the third definition, that is, good health, encompasses all the definitions of the previous two, and even the most vague definition of the term. Good health is equivalent to a healthy body, mind and soul; it is equivalent to a strong body, mind and soul.

People need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to attain and maintain a good health status. Fitness means maintaining a normal weight and a healthy body mass index. Many diseases are associated with obesity; therefore, weight loss is very important for overall health and fitness. Diet and physical fitness are two essential components of a healthy lifestyle.

The third definition includes persons who are physically active, but do not smoke or drink alcohol. Physical activities lower blood pressure and increase cardiovascular efficiency. Smoking and drinking, however, significantly worsen the effects of diseases associated with these habits, such as cancer and heart diseases.

Self-care is a daily practice of paying attention to your own needs and managing your personal affairs. It is the essence of healthy self-mastery and is very important in improving one’s physical health, mental health, and social well being. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise help one to become healthy and fit. Spiritual self-care comprises meditation, prayer, reading, and other spiritual activities. Proper self-care helps to achieve a sense of peace and tranquility.