Popular Entertainment Options For Movie Lovers

A movie, also known as a movie motion picture, short movie or independent film, is a short video that showcases artistic or technical qualities of a technological medium. The term movie was first used in films and has now become an accepted term to describe any short video. Movie genres include reality/fantasy, comedy, science fiction, action/adventure and home videos. The term came from the French movie theaters where a movie was viewed as a sequence of fixed images on a rectangular screen. In this form, the movies are often shown for shorter periods of time compared to other genres such as advertising videos.


Movie industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business and has produced a variety of high quality films throughout the years. Movie directors are able to tap into the creative and technical resources of talented filmmakers and skilled visual artists to create visual masterpieces. While the process can be costly, producing a successful movie is an expensive venture due to the rising production costs of video movies. As a result, the film industry is constantly looking for new movie ideas and casting professionals to help create a consistent theme and style throughout the various films produced by different studios.

Movie theaters have been around since the early 1900’s when movie theaters began showing short films for public entertainment. Nowadays, the majority of movie theaters host in-house projection systems with attached television screens. Movie posters, program guides, audio track and other in-theater items are also available at the theater for added viewing convenience. The technology involved in projecting moving pictures is based on the technique used in theaters. Typically, a large screen is placed in the center of the theater in order to make the audience see the whole screen.

Today, the trend in moviegoing is more of an all-encompassing multimedia event. Some theaters host special events that include interactive media such as computer-generated images (CGI) and 3D sound. In fact, many theaters have included special presentations such as video projections on the theater walls in order to enhance the moviegoing experience.

Another popular entertainment option is to view independent or select independent films in the hopes of finding classic movie ideas. Although many movie theaters screen mainstream films, there are still several independent movie channels on cable and satellite television that air independent films on a regular basis. Theaters that specialize in screening only independent films provide moviegoers with a chance to see a film that they may not have heard of otherwise. Even though independent films are not considered mainstream films, they are still popular entertainment options for moviegoers. Instead of seeing a dull re-telling of the same old story, viewers are given a chance to explore the art form behind the creation of the movie itself.

Probably the most popular entertainment options available in the U.S. is the modern day home entertainment market, which includes DVDs, televisions, and sound systems. Movie enthusiasts who choose to purchase a home theater system will find that it is easy to integrate the many components into their own movie-viewing plan. One can choose from a selection of contemporary and classic films, independent and classic movies, comedy and science fiction, and even foreign language and animation films. Home theatres are now available in sizes ranging from small homes to large screen high definition (HDTV) models, and can easily be integrated into any decor. With the advent of the home theater system, movie enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite movie in the comfort of their own home at any time, day or night.