The Growing Success Of Comedy And Action Movies

A movie, also known as a video, short film, vid, moviemaker or moving picture, is an artistic work of visual art used as a means of conveying ideas, stories, impressions, emotions, beauty, or setting in motion pictures. Movies are often made for entertainment, but nowadays movies are also used for educational purposes. Movies can either be real, made-to-order movies (i.e. produced by a major studio), or home-made movies using special effects and/or video games.


The earliest days of cinema did not involve big budget features, plot devices or long periods of talking. The earliest movies were usually shown at local theaters for few hours. Some of these early films included silent movies, which had no talking characters and used music, narrative, and acting to tell its story. Although there was no talk mode in those days, the impact of movies on society is still evident today, as most people remember their first viewing of a movie by going to a local theatre.

In the early days of cinema, some of the biggest hits were made by Italian directors like Renzo Piano andico Marzio, who made ‘The Godfather’. Italian movies gained international recognition when Alfred Hitchcock released ‘The Mysterious Lady’ and ‘Mashville’, which became synonymous with the style of storytelling. Later this style of filmmaking was taken over by the Hollywood producers and filmmakers, who produced ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Ivanhoe’ and ‘Eyes of Midnight’. These Italian films influenced the American producers to make more sophisticated, realistic and topical movies, which paved way for the creation of the current movie genre. The four major film genres are action, comedy, science fiction, and horror.

Action films are the creations of directors who put in extra features like explosions and guns firing during thrilling sequences. The sequences are designed to keep the audience glued to the screen, which is the reason that the action film genre comprises the bulk of the world’s best-known cinemas. The Mumbai city is home to many of the most popular action films of this genre, which include ‘Amitabhave’ and ‘Personal Best’. No other film genre has managed to corner the global success of Hollywood as the action film genre has managed to do, and the best part is that there is rarely any sign of diminishing interest in this genre.

comedy films are the creations of writers and directors who write funny scripts and then let the actors portray their characters in hilarious manner. This is one of the oldest categories in the film industry and the funny scenes in these films have won several Academy Awards, which further boost the popularity of this genre. The funny scenes in comedies often lead the entire movie into the realm of fantasy, which makes the movie even more popular than it would have been otherwise. The only downside of comedies is that they take a long time to complete, and after seeing them once, most people expect them to be the next big thing. Another advantage is that these films can be easier to connect with audiences because all audiences share commonalities with the characters in the story, unlike the action film genres which are usually alien to all audiences.

Most people have a preference for one or two genre of movies, and action movies often top the list. However, if you really want to create a stir in the audience, then you should opt for some quality horror or romance movies. These genres are always favorites among movie lovers and they come up with great sales when films are released in the right format. If you want to create a buzz around a particular movie, then you can choose to screen it in multiplexes or in some big movie premiers, which helps increase its visibility even further. Romance and horror stories make for great movies, and you can count on them to score brownie points with the audience, no matter what kind of genre they fall under.