The History and Study of ToGel Hong Kong

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The History and Study of ToGel Hong Kong

To gel Hong Kong has been around since 1998, but in that time it has become one of the most well known and heavily patronized gyms in the country. The founder, Tong Soon, loved martial arts and wanted to share this passion with the people of Hong Kong. He named his school “Tong Sung Do” (The House of Fist) and it was designed to make martial art accessible to everyone in Hong Kong. Thus, the first To Gel class began.

Today, the school has over 400 students and is taught by Tong Soon-ling, a former swimming athlete who became fascinated with Chinese culture and the arts after moving to China. Classes are instructed in both conventional fighting styles (picnics, kung fu, etc.) as well as more traditional Chinese medicine and yoga. Classes are taught in both traditional classrooms as well as ring style Kung fu training, so there is something for everyone regardless of their age.

The first class taught by a traditional Chinese medicine form called Jiknics (traditional medicine for internal imbalance), and it was popular among the people of Hong Kong even before Tong Soon created the togel hongkong style. The form is basically an expanded version of the old traditional medicine of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, Reiki, and massage. The goal of the class is to strengthen your body through the vigorous stretching and massaging movements of the exercises.

Another form of traditional Chinese medicine called acupuncture is also taught in some classes. This type of treatment uses thin, metal needles to insert in the skin. After insertion, the needles are heated and then removed when the pressure on the needles begins to subside. Acupuncture is very popular in Hong Kong, and many students enjoy taking acupuncture classes as a way to learn more about this mysterious martial art. There are also togel classes where the practitioners use sticks with metal tips on them to perform acupressure on the students.

One of the most popular styles is the Shaolin forms, which were founded by a Chinese emperor a thousand years ago. They are similar to the American Wing Chun style in that they emphasize joint locks, leg attacks, and other fighting techniques. Some training classes in Hong Kong even incorporate weapon training into their martial art forms. There are many martial art practitioners who believe that Shaolin forms have to do with the formation of the internal chi. Some martial art experts believe that Shaolin techniques are much older than the creation of Chinese martial arts.

While the styles may look completely different to westerners, the main principles that they promote are the same. Whether you attend classes in Kung Fu or Tai Chi, you can benefit from vigorous stretching, vigorous breathing exercises, and a strong mind. Many students report an increase in energy, mental awareness, and flexibility after training in these styles.