Tofu Is a Vegan Vegetarian

A leading protagonist is often the focal point of a narrative, or the focal point of an important subplot. How do you identify the central character of your story, or even the opposite of the central character or antagonist? Opposing to a protagonist the idea that English society is on the decline in toto would surely linger as a litmus test to many right-leaning opponents of the Affordable Care Act.


On the one hand, America’s greatest icon, Elvis Presley, was classified as an “underdog” in toto by many critics, especially African-Americans. Despite this, Elvis made himself a household name and made himself the center of attention. On the other hand, the argument that Elvis is being pushed down a run of the mill singer, is disingenuous at best. Further, there seems to be a bit of self-serving propaganda going on in how some folks are painting the decline of American values into the image of rock & roll icons such as Elvis Presley.

In addition to being labeled a heel, by some, toto became a target for the cultural backlash. In the mid-1980s, hundreds of toto enthusiasts, including some members of the American rock band Kiss, were arrested outside of America’s largest nightclubs. The reason given for this was because some toto owners and dealers were selling counterfeit Elvis Presley merchandise. To this day, there are many rumors and suspicions surrounding the situation.

Throughout his career, Elvis had several run-ins with the law. On one occasion he was arrested for refusing to sign to the Gaylord Records. More than once he was sentenced to jail time for vagrancy, assault, and Disorder Disorderly Conduct. All of these charges stemmed from his non-conformity with the music industry.

During his first trip to Brazil as a guest of the Brazilian music group Bomba Estebanha (formed by ex-boyfriend Carlito Santana), he was subjected to lengthy jail time. He was kept in isolation by the military junta that governed Brazil at the time. As a direct result of not wearing an orange jumpsuit when visiting the country, he was stripped of his American citizenship. Because of this, his citizenship was taken away and he was forced to leave the country. Because of the intense spotlight on Presley at this time, it was rumored that he had to sell his soul to be released from his imprisonment.

When he was finally allowed to return to the United States, it was to a standing ovation. However, by the time of his first US break, he had largely whitened his image to appeal to a younger, Western audience. It is unknown whether he was whitening his image to appeal to white Americans who did not view him as a black man with a Rastafari costume, but it is certain that he changed his appearance for the better. During his second stay in the United States, he starred in the movie Porky’s and cemented his reputation as one of the best Latin American actors of all time.