TOTO. TOTO is an American popular music group formed in 1977 in LA, California. TOTO was originally known as the Original Sound Machine and then changed to the more popular name Toto.


The music of TOTO has influenced many artists of all genres, but most notably, David Bowie, Prince, Britney Spears, Usher and Beyonce Knowles. TOTO was originally formed by two African American men, drummer Larry Carlton and keyboard player John Henry. Their musical style combines elements of blues, pop, punk, jazz and hard rock. They are also known for their extensive use of synthesizers and drum machines.

Larry Carlton was born in Brooklyn, New York and he and his brother Albert were the bass players for the band The Specials. Larry’s brother Albert became a lead singer with the group Bayside. Larry was a founding member of the group called The Original Sound Machine and also wrote the band’s first song, “Africa.”

Larry Carlton played keyboards on the songs that have influenced by The Beatles, The Stones, Elvis Presley, Neil Young and other popular artists of the past. Carlton is one of only two African American members of the original TOTO band.

John Henry was another member of TOTO. He had been the singer of the rock group Styx. John Henry is one of the biggest rock guitarists of the 70’s. Henry was also a member of the band Kingfish and was part of The Styx.

Larry Carlton passed away in 2020 while John Henry still lives in New York City, California where he is still very active in the music industry. His daughter Lisa Carlton is currently a member of the band David Bowie.

Many people have been inspired by TOTO. The group has been featured on various television shows and movies, including The Simpsons and The Sopranos. TOTO also performed at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. In the early days of TOTO, the band was the toast of the town and the most talked about in the music industry. Today, TOTO is one of the most famous bands in the United States and also the world.

With such a long and distinguished history, it is only fitting that TOTO would continue their music into the future. TOTO is planning on releasing a new album called “TOTO World” which will feature all of the most of the old favorites as well as a few new songs.

If you love music, you will not want to miss TOTO. You’ll find them on television, on the radio, on the internet, and in many places.