What Makes a Woman Fashionable?


What Makes a Woman Fashionable?

DescriptionFashion is an artistic expression, in a certain context and in a certain time and era, of apparel, footwear, fashion, jewelry, makeup, hairstyles, and body figures. The word in it simplest form means a fashion defined by the fashion industry in terms of what is the latest look of time. In the broadest sense, it can mean that which one feels is fashionable. However it can also mean that which is fashionable among the various social groups. In addition to this broad sense of it, fashion can be considered in narrower terms, which refer more to individual preferences.

The first definition of fashion is “the modification of a design or style through successful execution of aesthetic, functional, and vocational objectives”. So basically it is a style that has achieved the following objectives: it meets the wants and needs of the audience, it creates a positive identification and feeling about the wearer, it manifests competence, and lastly, it expresses the social status. The object of fashion changes constantly. It may be concerned with culture, race, age, and class.

Fashion can be considered as a system. Within this system, there are many different styles. A style that is regarded as hip today may be regarded as out-of-date within a few years. There are trends and fads in fashion, that seem to come and go in a matter of weeks. In general, the following are the different trends that affect fashion:

Trendy. This is the most popular trend in fashion. It refers to styles that are characterized by high levels of activity. The most popular examples of trendy fashion styles include: skinny jeans, oversized sweaters, sneakers, tube tops, leggings, Bermuda shorts, and fitted shirts. All of these styles can be accompanied with accessories and are considered very trendy.

Elegant. This style is considered sophisticated and elegant. It is characterized by simplicity and clean lines, and therefore has a very classy appearance. Examples of materials used in elegant fashion styles include silk, velvet, and lace. Elegant fashion for women includes dresses, suits, and other formal clothing.

Trendy is fashionable. Although fashion has many different trends and styles, there is one thing that all fashion will have in common – they all make you look good. Fashion is not just about what you put on your body. It is also an attitude and lifestyle.

Fashionable. Those who are considered fashionable are the ones who are able to maintain the trends that are currently in the fashion industry. When a piece of clothing becomes out of fashion, it no longer fits with the current fashion trend. The only way to keep a piece of clothing in fashion is to keep updating it with new colors and designs.

Fashionable men and women should always try to follow the latest fashion trends. If they are able to, they can ensure that their clothes and accessories will never outstay their current popularity. When they attend fashion shows or fashion weeks, they should take note of what the other participants are wearing. They can try to imitate them and they will never regret it. Besides, there is a saying that goes: a picture is worth a thousand words.