What You Need to Know About a Trailer


What You Need to Know About a Trailer

A trailer is simply an unpowered semi-trailer towed by a powered truck. It is most commonly utilized for the transportation of materials and goods. There are different types of trailers, such as flatbed trailers, goosenecks, pallet trucks, tractor trailer, and rear loaders to name a few. The type you need depends upon your needs and budget. In addition, the trailer must meet certain regulations before it can be operated on public highways.

Travel Trailer – This type of trailer is best suited for transporting camping equipment and recreational vehicles (RV’s). Travel trailers towed behind a truck allow the owner to tow his RV’s or boats, while driving them straight to the campsite. Trailers can also be rented to go on weekend trips, mountain climbing, fishing, or any other outdoor activity that takes place outside of the city limits. Travel trailers are often the cheapest way to get to the campground, but may not be very practical if your recreation vehicle is overstocked or large.

Homemade Trailer Inspection Requirements – There are numerous safety and environmental issues that must be addressed when operating a trailer on the state highway. When operating a trailer on the state highway, you will have to meet certain inspection requirements. These inspections are performed by Department of Transportation (DOT) officials, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards ( FMVSS ) officials, and other qualified technicians. You must submit to the DOT inspections if you wish to operate a motorcycle on a state highway. Failure to comply with these inspections can result in fines and even jail time.

Motor Home Trailer – A motor home is a vehicle that is designed to be driven both by its owner and others in a motor caravan setting. A motor home is often used for camping trips and vacations. If you want to drive your trailer on the street you will have to obtain a special license in order to do so. This is true even if you only use the trailer for occasional overnight trips on the road.

Travel Trailer – A travel trailer is usually referred to as a mobile home and is often used by retirees who are able to maintain their independence by living in their travel trailer. The primary purpose of a travel trailer is to provide a place to live that is indoors and is not attached to a property. Travel trailers can also be referred to as RV’s ( Recreational Vehicles) and are commonly used by those that like to camp or visit vacation areas.

In order to legally drive a travel trailer you must first obtain an alcohol/drug test certificate. This is required in all fifty states, and you must submit to the test no more than thirty days prior to any driving. The certificate is valid for a period of time and can be renewed upon your passing the exam. Most states require the motorist to pay for the alcohol and drug test fee directly to the DMV. If the test is positive you must submit the completed certificate to the DMV within three days. This three day window is in place to allow the DMV to check to see if your auto insurance policy covers the fee.