Why Buy a TOTO Toilet Seat?

Toto is a Japanese manufacturer of toilet accessories. It is styled as TOTO, the worlds’ largest toilet company. It was established in 1917, and today is recognized for creating the Washlet and range of related products. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. TOTO believes that a toilet is an expression of a people’s individualism.


It is believed that TOTO was actually founded on a simple, but brilliant idea; the design of a toilet seat that features a built-in remote control. As to why this may have happened, nobody really knows. However, it does have a significant history. A few years later, TOTO also began producing a line of furniture such as desks, sofas and loveseats. As the years went by, TOTO was able to expand into a much larger market and began selling a variety of electronic and mechanical products such as household items and music players.

One of the most famous of their products is the Toilet Seat/Toilet Seat Stool. This versatile item comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Many years ago, TOTO started making these products in black or red washlets, but today they are available in almost any color you can imagine. The Toilet Seat/Toilet Seat Stool is also known as a “shower stool” due to its similarity to a traditional shower seat.

Another one of their most popular toilet accessories is the TOTO Mira Swing, which is a combination of a stool and a gliding seat. The Toilet Seat/Toilet Seat Stool has a built-in heated seat, making it the best toto toilet seats you can find anywhere! The Mira Swing is not actually a swing; it is a simple gliding glider that can be lowered to an angle for added comfort when you need to relax or raised to an upright position to allow more comfort while you’re watching television. It also folds up very easily for storage or transportation.

TOTO believes in the power of positive thinking, so they designed a “positive thinking” todo list for their customers to follow. On this todo list, customers are required to list the reason they purchased the TOTO toilet, the reasons they recommend it to others, and how much they expect to pay for it. Then, customers are encouraged to add five extra gallons per flush to their personal toto toilet maintenance plan. Since most toto toilets are designed to handle three to five gallons per flush, the Mira Swing adds up quickly.

TOTO is a world-class innovator in the toilet seat and commode market. They have created a commode and toilet seat that’s comfortable, hygienic, easy to clean, and most importantly, durable. TOTO’s seats and toilets are available in many different materials and colors to appeal to any taste. There are even low profile toilet seats designed to cut the height of traditional pedestal toilets. TOTO’s innovative products have literally taken the bathroom market by storm!