How to Become a Pilot After 12th Grade

A pilot is an individual who flies an airplane, typically by operating its wing-mounted flight controls. Other aircrew members, including pilots, are usually considered as passengers, since they are primarily involved in the handling of the plane’s engines and navigation systems. Since some pilots may also control the plane’s landing gear, they are commonly called flight crew members.


Becoming a commercial pilot isn’t for everyone. To qualify for a pilot license, a person needs to have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. To fly a commercial aircraft, a pilot must also be licensed by the FAA, which requires a lengthy written application and another physical. To fly a military aircraft, a pilot must be commissioned as a pilot by the US Air Force.

Commercial airline flights are a good source of primary employment for many graduates of engineering or computer science schools, as well as for people with other technical skills. Pilots can fly for either private companies or airline carriers. Airlines employ pilots on a contractual basis through what is called an airline program. Contract pilots usually start as flight crew members and can move up to the next level of pay as an airplane pilot with more experience. Some airline carriers will also hire employees on contracts through their entire carrier fleet.

Private pilot training gives students the opportunity to fly one of several types of aircraft. They can fly small planes such as toy jets and Cessnas, or larger planes like Boeings and Pilotships. They can also fly helicopters and gliders, and they can even operate nuclear-powered aircraft. There are also flying courses that allow prospective pilots to apply their knowledge of aviation to commercial applications, like cargo ship piloting. The best way to learn how to become a pilot after secondary school is to complete a course in aviation management at an accredited air force base or university. Aviation colleges and universities are one of the best ways to get a pilot license once a pilot has finished his or her undergraduate studies.

The best way to learn how to become a pilot is to go through one of the piloting schools that are available. An aviation school is the place you will learn how to fly planes by means of controlled flight. There are three schools of thought when it comes to pilot training, including the most popular being the Flight Safety Academy. This school is affiliated with the FAA, and all its trainees are required to take a complete FAA approved pilot training course before they can become eligible for certification. Students who successfully complete the FAA approved commercial pilot courses may be able to sit for the FAA’s examination upon completion, becoming eligible to apply for pilot licensing. Other schools may not be properly accredited by the FAA, but they can still offer pilots a chance to earn their flying license.

Another way of how to become a pilot after 12th grade is to enroll in an airline pilot training school. These schools may not be accredited by the FAA, but many of them are very good and may even be located nearby to your high school. You’ll learn everything from how to fly a helicopter to how to operate a small plane, all while sitting at the feet of a trained instructor. Some of the training you’ll receive will be simulated in an actual aircraft, but most of it will be conducted on the ground. Once you complete the airline pilot training course, you will have the opportunity to take a test given by the FAA to ensure that you are ready to be a pilot.