What Are the Movie Classification Codes?


What Are the Movie Classification Codes?

A movie, also known as a video, short movie, short film or video, is an artistic work of motion picture, sound or audio visual art intended to simulate real events through the medium of moving pictures. Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world with the number of people who regularly go to cinemas, watching movies on television sets, DVD players and other media devices. Movies range from the cute, loved family amusement, love story, action, science fiction, horror, comedy, fantasy, home videos and Top ten list films. Most movies are targeted for the general public and have a budget of around two million dollars to produce. The main characters in movie plots are the actors and actresses portraying the roles.

Movie producing companies rely on viewers’ reaction to gauge whether the film is successful or not. Viewers evaluate movies based on their movie reviews which are published in print or on websites before the movie has been screened. These feedbacks are given by audiences who have viewed the movie and are often movie critics. Movie producers and distributors use these feedbacks to gauge the success of a movie and make necessary changes if needed.

In the US, viewers rate films as either complete, partially completed, in their original form, or not rated at all. However, in some countries, film ratings are applied differently. For example, in India, the film receives a ‘rating’ based on its acceptance in the Cinema audience as well as various other aspects such as its story, music, special effects, social message, etc. While in the US, films are rated according to their success in the box office, success in critical acclaim and commercial success.

Film ratings creep up the charts each time a movie becomes popular among the audience. Box office hit is determined by how well it performs in the box office over a specific period of time. Most box office hit films earn more than their ticket prices; however, this does not mean that they have received an automatic gold star for being a hit. Film ratings are also dependent on the subject matter of the film. Some films are rated for their social value while others are given an overall rating depending on its quality. Some films are still in the process of being rated while other films are almost finished and have already been rated.

It is important to note that not all films get a score or a rating. Sometimes, the reason for the no score is not apparent, as movie ratings are based on the opinion of the audience. Other times, a movie that was released months ago might have received a poor rating due to common complaints among audiences. Nevertheless, in case the film is receiving a rating, the film goes into the category of eligible movie clips for usage in Internet videos and other similar applications. The license terms and conditions state that any clip which has not been duly approved and certified by the authority is deemed not to have any standard certification.

Movies can be rated R or NC depending on the content present in them. Films with profanity or violence are definitely not available in the NC category whereas films containing language content are normally available in the rating R category. Most films that are available in the R classification are animated and live action films.