Movie Theater Social Distancing – Part II

A movie, also known as a movie motion picture, short film, video, or digital movie, is an artistic work of visual entertainment used to simulate real experiences that communicate messages, ideas, emotions, beauty, or mood through the employment of moving pictures. The term “moviemaking” derives from the German word “mokument”, which means “moon writing”. Movie directors and producers often refer to their films as “the movies”. Movies are now considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world.


Movie watching has become so popular that many people have their own personal theaters with multiple screens for showing the movies they love. A growing trend in moviegoing is referred to as “Streaming”. Streaming is similar to watching a movie in the theater, but the movie is being delivered over the Internet using special software or a special device. This type of delivery has many benefits over traditional movie-going methods.

A great example of the use of streaming technology is Hulu, which is the online television service from Hulu, which allows viewers to view the movies and shows on different devices such as iPads, mobile phones, PCs, and laptops. Consumers can stream the Hulu library on any device and at any time. They can do this from anywhere in the world and don’t need a special connection to do it. This creates social distancing from the movie theater. Social distancing creates a sense of comfort and safety from the troubles and concerns of the day. As technology continues to advance the family can enjoy movies together which used to be the preserve of the family room.

The idea of watching movies on the big screen was considered a luxury not too long ago. It was the exception, not the norm. People either saw movies on stage, in theaters, or off screen. The advent of internet services such as Hulu and streaming video on demand revolutionized the movie industry. This has become a part of Americana, combining the entertainment of the theater with the convenience of home viewing.

Events are not the only venue for movies. Many homeowners have discovered that the theater is an affordable way to keep the family entertained. It is easy to find movies that are scheduled for the same week every year. You never know when the movie might be showing. For homeowners who can’t afford to see movies at the movies, a small projection screen situated in the den is just the right choice.

Movies are not just a part of everyday life. They make great gifts and part of vacation plans. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace there will always be new ways for people to enjoy seeing movies. For those who live in apartments, the small projection screen can provide a great substitute for the expensive big screen movie theaters.