Types of Trailers

A trailer is basically a promotional commercial for a new feature film that will be shown in the near future at a cinema/mall, or the culmination of creative and specialized work. The word “trailer” also dates back to the earliest distribute of motion pictures on wooden reels. Wooden reels have been around since the 15th century. Therefore the term trailer has its roots firmly placed in the past. Over the years the trailer have evolved from simple wooden slats on wheels to sophisticated auto cinemas, trailers for buses, trains and even automobiles!


Today there are two different types of trailer: the live action trailer and the animated trailer. A live action trailer shows the entire production as it occurs right on the premises of the cinema. In order to fully utilize this type of trailer, a huge amount of research must go into the selection of music, lighting, costumes, set design, cast and other elements which bring the whole production into life. Many modern directors rely on trailer music for the actual film value of their trailers.

Animated films or videos have also had their own trailer forms. They are very similar to live-action trailers, however the majority of these trailers are designed for online distribution. Online distributors of these films are able to use the trailer in order to market the DVD or VHS tapes of the film which have already been made available in movie houses all over the world. Most of the time the video is interspersed with still shots or other kinds of special effects and music, although the latter is not quite as common.

A short film trailer is usually one or two minutes long. It has been designed to highlight some particular aspect of the film that the viewer needs to know more about. For example a film trailer for a science fiction film can include footage of starships, adenoids and spaceships. Similarly, a home movie trailer can feature shots of the family, local landmarks, friends and so on. These trailers can be used in a number of different ways by both the distributor and the audience.

Some films and TV shows come complete with trailers. The TV show Friends features numerous short trailers, each one funnier than the last. There are also lots of stage plays and movies that come with trailers. For example, almost every major motion picture that comes out has at least one trailer.

A popular type of film trailer is that which features celebrities. This can either be amateur footage or professionally shot trailers. Many stars use film trailer images to promote their latest films or upcoming events in which they are involved. Film stars who star in successful and upcoming movies also often feature themselves in popular trailers. These are sometimes called “back seat” stars because, although they have a huge role in the making of the movie, they are not really featured in the trailer.