The Eventful Experiences of Movie Festivals at Hollywood Studios

What is a movie? According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary: “a movie is an entertaining film made for Variety or amusement.” A movie, also known as a motion picture, video or even moving picture, is an artistic work of visual art designed to simulate events, ideas, emotions, beauty, or the environment through the utilisation of moving pictures. It usually employs actors to portray characters and gives a viewer the experience of watching a movie while being taken part in it. Movies are known by different titles like: Movie, Music (popular), Movie genre, Dramatic, Fantasy, Psychological, Satirical, Apocalyptic, Drama/Action, Science Fiction, Psychological, Movie maker, and Movie theatres. These can be from a fictional story, a fictionalized account of a real life event, or an original film produced by a movie producer.


Movies are distributed via Video cassette, videotape, VHS, DVD and by cable TV to an audience in the form of videos or films. Movie theaters are modern movie houses which show the latest movies shown in different cinemas by the projection of the moving picture films on screens. It usually shows by showing the title at the beginning of the film and then the movie begins. The main purpose of theaters is to display motion pictures on the screens so that audiences can enjoy watching them and also to help out in the advertising campaign. Today, movie theaters are now operated by the way of digital technology.

Post-production film making requires the preparation of a film stock that would eventually be used in the movie production. The main job of a movie producer is to purchase sufficient film stock from a vendor and then process, clean and store it for presentation. When the film stock is ready, it is then shipped to the movie set that requires it. At the end, after the movie is completed, the film stock is cleaned, developed, printed and shipped back to the distributor.

There are also two kinds of theaters that can be found in the real world. First, there is the conventional large-screen cinema, which is usually located in a metropolitan city. Second, there are the many small “back-up” or projection theatres that are located in rural areas and also out in the country. Usually, feature films for sale are exhibited in the big metropolitan theaters, but sometimes independent feature films can also be displayed in the smaller back-up or projection theatres that are located in rural areas.

NetFlix is one of the largest providers of online video rentals today. For those who would like to take advantage of NetFlix, they need to sign up with their account and then choose from the movie titles available. After paying for the subscription fee, users can then log on to their NetFlix site and select the titles they want. Many people now go on to purchase the movie they saw through NetFlix to take home the experience as a memorable experience.

A few of the events that have taken place at the Hollywood Studios’ lots include the following: The Beatles: Their Last Great Adventure (also known as Abbey Road), The Monuments We Left Behind, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Grease, Pretty Woman and Sing Along Chorus. Each of these movies has gone on to become Blockbuster favorites and are still well worth the trip to the Hollywood Studios Park. As a special treat, visitors are even allowed to attend the first screening of a movie they love during the run of the park. So whether you are planning a family vacation, a business trip or just want to enjoy an eventful experience, you should definitely plan to visit the Hollywood Studios Park when you come to Los Angeles. You will not regret it.