What Are the Types of Trailers That Are Available?

A trailer is basically an unpowered automobile towed by another powered vehicle. It’s commonly employed for the transportation of materials and goods. In addition, it can be employed for recreational purposes such as riding across the nation. There are many things that people use trailers for, from hauling equipment to hauling freight and more.


Trailers are classified by manufacturers according to the function they perform. There are recreational utility trailers which are designed to be pulled by small recreational vehicles such as go carts and golf trolleys. They’re generally small and can carry a single or two people. Horse power versions are also available for those who’d rather own one instead. Towable trailers are ideal for those who would like to live close to their vehicles yet can’t tow them; they’re essentially smaller versions of towable trailers.

One of the most common types of trailers is the travel trailer. A travel trailer isn’t specifically designed for use with automobiles; it’s intended to be pulled by other vehicles. Common travel trailers include: bus travel trailers, motorcycle travel trailers, camper van trailers, fifth wheel travel trailers and pop-up travel trailers. The fifth wheel travel trailer is the most versatile trailer and can even be used as a tent when placed in the ground. It has a twin style double girder drive system and is perfect for transporting lightweight loads.

The third type of trailer is the towing vehicle. There are basically two types of towing vehicles; utility trailers and heavy-duty utility trailers. A utility trailer is used to tow other vehicles and supplies. Heavy-duty trailers are used to pull large vehicles and can also be used to tow automobiles. Heavy-duty trailers need expansion fittings to support the additional weight of the vehicle being towed.

The fourth type of trailer is the semi-trailer and the fifth wheel trailer. A semi-trailer has one or more units that can be connected on a semi-trailer hitch. The fifth wheel trailer type is designed to be towed behind another vehicle. Common uses of fifth wheel trailers include moving machinery, packing materials, cleaning materials, cementing and painting, carrying goods, hauling farm equipment, logs, cement, and other construction materials, moving cars or autos and unloading ships.

The fifth and final type of trailer is the travel trailer. Travel trailers vary in size and design. This type of trailer can be used to tow a car or truck, but it can also be used to tow a motorcycle or recreational vehicle. Travel trailers can either be rear-end or forward-end trailers. The travel trailer is perfect for towing motorcycles, but it cannot be used to towing an automobile.